No Strangers in Whiskey Challenge Coin
No Strangers in Whiskey Challenge Coin
No Strangers in Whiskey Challenge Coin

No Strangers in Whiskey Challenge Coin

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In a flash, the sky cracks open and vicious winds tear across the land. Towering mountains tremble and grind out their agony. Even the Old Ones haven’t seen such raw, unbridled Magnificence.

Through the mayhem - you’re able to make out… something beautiful. A blinding light hangs in the air. You step out from cover, and towards the brilliance. Immediately, the storm rips at your flesh and clothing. A few more steps, and you are lost. There is no land. No sky. No up or down. You lose track of where your body ends and the deafening cataclysm begins.

You will yourself forward, towards the mysterious light.

So close… So close…

In an instant, time stops. Somehow, chaos has been interrupted. Uprooted trees, boulders, and beasts hang in the air, motionless. You feel a warm glow and turn towards the light at the center of it all. There’s something in there. Floating... Radiant… It’s a coin, and you watch it turn slowly before plucking it from the air.

On one side, a Crowded Barrel rune imbues your glencairn with equal parts science and shenanigans. Resting it atop your glass for at least 42 seconds fully charges the whisk(e)y for battle.

You flip the coin and discover some sacred words to aide your journey.

A whisper, “There are no strangers in whisk(e)y…” instantly time is restored and you’re standing at the center of a maelstrom that’s ending as quickly as it began.

Peace washes over the land, and balance is restored. As you pack what’s left of your camp, a voice calls out from the hillside.

“If you want to go fast, go alone… If you want to go far, go with your Tribe!”

Hearts burst and smiles beam as your loyal crew crests the hill and joins you.

“You Magnificent Bastards! This will surely be a grand adventure!”

~ Here’s to journeys worth taking, and friends worth bringing.