Whiskey Tribe Scarf
Whiskey Tribe Scarf
Whiskey Tribe Scarf

Whiskey Tribe Scarf

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This is definitely not a soccer scarf. It’s a proud and storied banner of the Whiskey Tribe.

The colors:
This particular banner represents the pWeeBle’s choice, with a fancy gray complimenting an even fancier blue. Did I mention fancy?

Double sided:
“Whiskey Tribe” on one side, “Magnificent Bastard” on the other - making it twice as easy to claim your victories.

100% Acrylic Fiber:
Slightly less breathable than natural fibers, but extremely soft and hypoallergenic - because sneezing can give away your position.

62” long x 7” wide:
(must… resist… joke…)

Sure, hordes of mooches have draped this banner around their necks to shield them from definitely-real-and-totally-not-joking Texas blizzards. And legions of hobbits have snuggled it’s supple fibers whilst smoking pipes and reading old books - for science.

But don’t let the stylish comfort of this Whiskey Tribe banner hide it’s true purpose… Ultimate glory.

Also, warmth. It’s pretty good at warmth too.